This course is now available at Howard Community College, in Columbia Maryland and will provide you with the chance to develop your unique, custom story so that the next time you meet with a prospective client, employer, or any type of business partner you will use the best of what the sales profession can offer you as a non-salesperson or non-marketer, without coming off “salesy.” You will also learn tactics that will help you engage your audience, regardless of the professional situation. This course helps you hone both your communication and business development skills. $50** (fee based, no waivers)

Click Here to Register at Howard Community College

►Sat 9 am-12pm, Apr 20
#3146 XE 611 8398 Gateway Campus
►Wed 7pm-8:30pm, May 1 & May 8
#2811 XE 611 8399 Gateway Campus

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