Uncomfortable in Selling Situations?

Big-ticket items such as automobiles and real estate usually aren’t purchased online.  The most important personal consumer transactions and investments people will make in their lives are usually when they’re sitting eyeball-to-eyeball and kneecap-to-kneecap across the table from a sales person who has been directed to “close the deal.” It doesn’t seem fair… until now.

But I Hate Sales™ (BIHS) seminars empower and equip consumers who don’t have sales backgrounds and prepares them to protect their families from the incompetency and/or trained manipulation of “peddlers”- the non-sales professionals who are poorly trained, desperate, and under enormous pressure to “close” their prospective buyers. Learn how to interact with trained sales professionals and understand their strategies and tactics to ensure a win-win, buyer-seller interaction BEFORE your next major purchase.

Want to schedule a private, custom-delivered BIHS Seminar on location for your business, church, civic organization, or non-profit organization? Please complete the form below or call 443.398.2230 and ask for Dawn Davis to discuss details and options.

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