Syllabus – But I Hate Sales™

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  • Technology in Sales & The Speed of Change
  • The $150B Sales Training Industry: Understanding what you’re up against.
  • The Sales Arena

Paying the Pinocchio Tax

  • The Untold Truth: The customer is  NOT always right
  • Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt : Drivers of Decision
  • Buyer-Seller Consequences: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

The Buyer-Seller Dance

  • The Seller Invitation: How and Why it Matters
  • Music or Noise:  How Prejudices, Preferences, and Personalities Affect Buyer-Seller Interactions and Outcomes.
  • Dancing:  Leading or Following the Sales Process
  • Leaving the Party:  Factors and Guidelines for Deciding Next Steps.

Professionals vs. Peddlers

  • Sales Tactics, Strategies & Systems
  • Managing the Sales Engagement
  • Early Warning & Self-Defense

Listening, Trying, and Buying

  • Pros & Cons of Your Internal Buying Process
  • Evaluations and Trials: Reducing Buyer’s Remorse
  • The Money Conversation
  • Buying: Price or Value

Closing Time

  • One Chance
  • Principles of Sharing
  • Creating a Compelling Value-Proposition
  • Effective Delivery: How, What, Who, When & Where

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