But I Hate Sales™ Seminar

What Is It?

But I Hate Sales™ is a series of seminars, courses, and public events which have been developed by Christopher Bell, III for non-sales people.   But I Hate Sales™ demystifies the aura and hype of the sales profession, empowers consumers and businesses in sales engagements, and teaches the average non-sales person  how to briefly and successfully share their best ideas and opinions… without coming across as “salesy.”

Who Should Register?

New business owners, entrepreneurs, graduate school students, inventors, technicians, scientists, engineers, architects, project managers, finance professionals, former military personnel, career-changers, graduating college students, researchers, physicians, dentists, teachers, transportation and logistics personnel, designers, performing artists… anyone in non-selling or non-marketing roles.

You Will Learn To…

  • Discern the difference between a sales professional and the common “peddler.”
  • Gain confidence in successfully presenting an idea without “selling.”
  • Protect your business and family from manipulative sales methods and tactics.
  • Remedy your own flawed internal decision and buying processes.
  • Reduce “buyer’s remorse.”

Custom training at your location?

Want to schedule a private, custom-delivered BIHS Seminar on location for your small business? Please complete the form below or call 443.398.2230 and ask for Dawn Davis to discuss details and options.

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